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David and Samuel

6th June 2021

Jesus feeds the 5000

30th May 2021


23rd May


fruit of the spirit

16th May 2021

peter heals the lame beggar

9th May


Samson & Delilah

2nd May 2021

A new creation

25th Apr 2021

the great commission

18th APR  2021

THE resurrection

28th Mar 2021

the triumphal entry

21st mar 2021

Ruth and naomi

14th Mar 2021

David and goliath

7th mar 2021

The Prodigal son

28th Feb 2021

Naaman and the servant girl

21st Feb 2021

The good Samaritan

14th Feb 2021

Zacchaeus the Tax Collector

7th Feb 2021

Nicodemus Talks to jesus

31st Jan 2021

JONAH and the big fish

24th Jan 2021

The Good Shepherd

17th Jan 2021

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